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We convert numbers into letters and data into knowledge

Who we are

We are market analysts, but we are also advisors. Our analyses are never just for show – they are tools that assist you to make the right decisions and implement the appropriate actions for your business.

What we do

Our primary task as market analysts is to “unravel the unknown” so that our clients can make decisions based on informed grounds. We can help you answer complex questions, such as:

  • Do you have a good grasp of the young segment in major cities?
  • How can you increase customer satisfaction?
  • Should you increase your marketing budget?
  • How do you attract more customers?
  • How do you generate greater interest in your product or service?
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There are rarely simple solutions to complex issues

Finding the Silver Lining

Why we do it

When working with numbers, data, and people, a great deal of responsibility is involved. Market analysis and data application has gained significant strategic importance and has become a top priority in businesses and organizations. For us, it is crucial that our work creates value. The work we do provides you with insight, so you can do what is right for your business. That is why we do it.

How we do it

Politeness can take us far, but honesty takes us further. Insights do not lie, and sometimes the truth can be unexpected. We always present you with the complete picture, including parts that you may have hoped for or wished to be different.

Welcome to Silverlining Research

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Data matters regardless of your business

With our analyses, your employees, customers, clients, or members get a voice, providing you with a comprehensive understanding of their point of view. Get insights, so you can make informed decisions.

We have experience with all types of market research and specialized knowledge in the following areas and sectors:

We use a wide range of methods

Quantitative methods

Qualitative methods

Silver lining
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